Freelance Poi Teachers
Apex Poi Spinning Courses is looking to employ one Beginners and one Intermediate course teacher to teach 6 week courses to students. 1 or 2 evenings per week, for a minimum of 12 months. Full training given. Fees approx £40 per session.
The ideal candidates will be professional, confident and organised with excellent communication skills. The candidate should have a genuine love of teaching, will be positive and encouraging and inspire confidence and trust. Will be able to adapt teaching method to suit each student's needs. The candidate must be a poi spinner. Previous teaching experience essential.

Apex Poi Spinning Courses
Famous for excellence in poi teaching, Apex has been established for over 7 years and has taught poi to several thousand students. A fun, informal school that is dedicated to teaching excellence in poi spinning. We pride ourselves on the excellent teaching ability of our teachers, and the strong structure of our courses. At the moment we have Dave Knox, Kevin Shaw and Michal Kahn on our team, and we are looking for at least 2 more teachers to join our talented staff.

Please send CV and covering letter to
Closing date: 31st July
Interview week: 9th - 16th August

Further Details For Candidates:

Our aims:
To provide excellent teaching that is amazingly easy to follow, tailors to each student, is fun, attentive and insightful.
To teach an excellent foundation in poi spinning - a good range of moves and skills that all fit together.
To inspire to further learning and playing and a love of poi.
To inspire confidence through skills learnt over time.
To have fun!

The courses:
These run for 6 weeks. The Beginners courses run approximately every 6 weeks (approximately back to back). Intermediate courses may run with a 6 week break in between courses. For full details of what is taught on each course click here.

Teacher Training:
Teachers are taught the entire contents of the course and are given a detailed breakdown of our teaching methods. You can of course develop your own methods but it helps to pass on our experience! You will shadow 2 full courses (£5 per session paid to you), and the current teacher will breakdown each lesson with you afterwards. Once you have begun teaching you will be shadowed for a few lessons to see how you are getting on and to give you an opportunity to raise any issues.

Teacher's job specification:

  • To teach 6 week courses, 1 night a week (occasionaly 2).
  • 7:30 - 9:30pm (you must be there by 7.15 at the latest)
  • Arrive 7pm week 1(for registration) & sometimes week 2 (to catch up people that missed week 1)
  • Provide poi and poi spinning books to sell to students. Teachers keep all proceeds.
    occasionally cover other teachers if necessary
  • To carry out a small amount of administration such as noting down student details and getting a receipt from the course venue. (These are specified in detail in the teacher's contract)


  • Contract is for a minimum of 1 year after end of shadowing
  • A minimum of 2 courses notice before leaving is required, to give us time to find and train up the next teacher!

Teachers may of course take holiday weeks so long as they do not miss more than 2 lessons in any one course, and so long as they arrange cover with Michal in advance.

Person we are looking for:
Above all we are looking for brilliant teachers. We pride ourselves on our excellent teaching standards, and employ people that are excellent communicators and have a real fascination with teaching, with how people learn. Our teachers are able to break moves down clearly to the class as a whole, and are able to tailor their explanations to each student's needs as they go around helping each individual in the class. Our teachers must be receptive to other people, confident, efficient and presentable with strong interpersonal skills. The teacher must also be able to spin poi above the level of that taught in the class. Here are some other descriptions of the sort of person we are looking for...
Inspires Respect
Excellent communication skills
Excellent teaching skills
Excellent at breaking down and explaining
Inspire others to learn
Able to be positive under time pressure
Sensitive to the needs of pupils
Will be friendly and inspire confidence and trust
Warm & open
Able to spot each person's difficulty and tailor to each person's needs

If you think you'd like to join us, we'd love to hear form you! Please send CV and covering letter to
Closing date: 31st July
Interview week: 9th - 16th August