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The book Poi Spining was developed by Michal over years of personally teaching poi to hundreds of students. In this process Michal developed a deep understanding of how people learn poi, the most effortless ways to learn moves and flow, the language and images that accelerate this learning, the common tripping up points and simple ways to rectify them, and a great sequence in which to learn various moves. The courses greatly accelerated the rate at which poisters learnt, provided great opportunity for individual style and innovation, were outstandingly popular (see our comments page!) and always fully booked. They are no longer running, but you can access all the richness and expertise (and the fun!) of these course from the book Poi Spinning.

The course will teach you about 30 basic moves and how to link them all together, so that you can flow from one to the next with great ease! Starting with how to hold your poi and going on to moves such as Reels, Tuck Turns, the Weave, the Backwards Weave, the Windmill, the Butterfly and the Fountain. (If you can do all of these moves already contact me regarding the Intermediate course). We will also explore basic concepts such as turns, follow time, linking moves together, and opposite directions, so that you can master the ability to link moves together. The course culminates in a show, so we will also work on choreography and presentation. Expect to work hard but have a good laugh with the others!

The course focuses on how to invent new tricks and develop your own style, helping you to make poi your own. Each lesson the course looks at one or two concepts such as alternating, take-outs and stops, using examples to explore the idea.† Then students use the concept to invent their own moves. The course also looks at new tricks such as Waist Wraps, Push Thrus and Behind The Back Weave. Expect to learn about 50 moves during the course. Itís a bit of a jump from the Beginners course, but very worthwhile! Thanks to our new teacher Kevin we also now have some fantastic new techniques aimed at helping you link moves together and flow even more fluidly from move to move, as well as more emphasis on fantastic turns to do whilst you spin!

The Intermediate course caters for a wide range of ability, but as a minimum you should be able to do a large number of moves and be able to link them together with the greatest of ease. In particular you should be able to link the weave and the reverse weave together by turning around, and should find this very easy. The course is aimed at those that have been spinning for a while but have become bored with their repertoire of moves, and aims to give you loads of new ideas, whatever your level.

Your Teachers:
Michal has taught hundreds of students to create the book Poi Spinning. These courses are no longer running, and you can now experience the best of the courses and Michal Kahn's teaching in the book Poi Spinning.