Do you have a related website? A site that may be of interest to performers, fire dancers, jugglers or poi spinners? A site that offers lessons, courses, workshops or books? If you do then let's swap links. Further down this page is information on creating links to this site. But first let me tell you how I can display your link.

  • I have a links page where I list other related sites. I can list your site there if you send me an email telling me about your site.
  • If you are an outlet for the book Poi Spinning, I can list your site on my where to buy page if you send me an email telling me about your site and other contact details for your shop.

All I ask in return is a text link placed on your site. A site description also would be appreciated if possible - and you can use the picture link if you like.

Example text link with code. You can use this HTML code to link to us as shown below.  

<a href="" target="_blank"> </a>

  the statement 'target="_blank"' seen above in the code will cause my site to open in a new window so that people will not leave or loose your site.  

Click on the example below. Feel free to make use of the site description and picture link!

Poi - The huge jam-packed book on Poi Spinning: 144 pages of clearly illustrated instruction from beginner to expert. View pages from the book and comments from other readers, contact the author, find out where to buy a copy and even get details on the popular poi courses taught by the author!